My day with Wi*#!@sXP!

Today is a great day!

Today I’m loving GNU/Linux and Ubuntu more than ever!

A friend of mine call me: “I had a problem with my computer! I think it’s a virus!”, and I go to help him out.

He has a Wi*#!@sXP Home system (I must have some strange problem with my keyboard writing Wi*#!@s, see?). I sat down in front of the machine and started looking around! There was (and probably there still is) a plethora of viruses, trojan, spyware and all the worst from the net! I installed some software for cleaning all that. The antivirus did find a lot of viruses and almost cleaned them, but with the spyware…. there are still lots of them.

After 2 hours of restarting and rebooting I asked him: “How long since your last software upgrade?”, “Software what?”, “Ok!”.

The system is three years old… with three years of no-upgrade! I started Wi*#!@s upgrade and let it run. After two hours he called me: “Hey, it has stopped, and I had restarted it.” “Ok! Is it working?” “No, it ask me which modality to start it.” “Ok! Friday I’m coming and taking the machine with me”.

I think I’m going with: format c: and a brand new install.

Love you Linux!

Listening to Blind Guardian while writing this.



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