Of microblog and l10n

I like microblogging.

It all began with Twitter, as it was the only one around that I knew of, but when I discovered identi.ca, I made the switch.

Why we should prefer identi.ca over Twitter? Well, you don’t have to, but if you’re a FLOSS fan, at least you should. And I do.

identi.ca is free as in freedom, it runs the laconi.ca microblogging software released under the AGPL, you can post to Twitter trough it, for somebody it could probably be not as polished as Twitter (not for me, otherwise I wouldn’t have switched), but what I like it most is that it could “speak” your language too. Not Twitter.

I don’t mind if a program or a web page is in English, but I do mind if other people around the world could not use the same program I’m using only because it’s in English. English is only the 4th spoken language in the world (somebody at UDS told me English is “the first second known language”; BTW, thanks again for the stickers!), it’s the first language used on the Internet, but still not all the world could understand it.

From my point of view, a translator point of view, in these years, in the Internet/globalization era, not thinking about i18n and l10n aspects for a program/website/project since the beginning, is a wrong implementation. All these aspects should be discussed before the development starts, doing it after, could end out being “tricky”.

So, check out identi.ca, test if it speaks your language, if not, ping your translators team/group/project (almost every language has one group, being it under the GNOME, Ubuntu, Debian or Translation Project umbrella, that hopefully all share the same conventions) and ask them to help out or join the laconi.ca i18n mailing list!

Oh… and do this for all the programs/projects that are not “speaking” your own language, talk to your translators, help them!

Hmmm… probably this post should be localized in as many languages as possible for being of some use! 🙂

PS: if you are using a microblogging service, try Gwibber! 😉

Remember to check out the “Art of Community“!

4 commenti
  1. oldman ha detto:

    +1 for Gwibber 😉

  2. violetazuggo ha detto:


    Very informative, thanks!

    The English Sisters at: http://englishsisters.wordpress.com/

    Visit us and let your English Grow, c’e anche un po’ di Italiano cosi imparate in modo divertente e senza impegno mentale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bye The English Sisters

  3. It’s an remarkable post in support of all the online users; they will obtain benefit from it I am sure.


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