Gwibber and localization (l10n)

So you’re in the microblog business? Or just a fan of this small and funny application called Gwibber?

Are you a translator? We got work for you! 🙂

From today (well, actually yesterday, but I didn’t have time to blog about it) translations for Gwibber are hosted on Launchpad and you can help this tiny microblog-application speaks your own language!

Keep in touch with your local translation team, help them and help this little application!

2 commenti
  1. Kaïs Bejaoui ha detto:

    Thanks for this great application. Translating into Arabic was both a pleasure and a pain in the ass 🙂

  2. Milo ha detto:

    Why has it been a pain? Is there something wrong or that’s not working with your language?


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