GNOME l10n RSS Feed

I don’t know how long it has been available… but I discovered it this morning. The famous GNOME Damned Lies now has a wonderful RSS feed for your language.

The RSS feed feeds you with all the nice messages that the lovely translators leave on their translations and all the actions they perform.

Finally I don’t have to hunt down which translations are ready, if somebody uploaded a new file or if the status of a translation changed.

I don’t know why, but Liferea doesn’t like that feed: it gives no errors, but it’s not updating the feed. Initial import, and than sits there dead… probably something wrong on my side…

Suggestion on another good RSS client for GNOME in the meantime?

2 commenti
  1. It ain’t Liferea nor your fault! It’s Damned Lies’!

  2. Milo ha detto:

    Thanks for letting me know!


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