Country Road, Take me Home

I’m still at the hotel waiting for my cab to the airport and am using the last minutes of free wifi connection before heading back to Italy.

This travel and great experience is over, I already said that, but in 10 days a new travel awaits me. I’ll be heading to the Writing Open Source conference in Owen Sound, Canada (with other guys from GNOME and Ubuntu too) thanks to the GNOME Foundation, the kind GNOME Travel Committee and Shaun McCance (and I also think Intel for sponsoring us, but I’m not really sure).

I’m really excited about this travel and about the conference. We, with the GNOME 3.0 release plan, are facing a great moment for reshaping documentation, for GNOME and for all downstream projects out there that builds on GNOME. There is Mallard that is shaping out as the new format for writing GNOME documentation and we will learn more about it during the conference. I’m also going there with some crazy ideas about documentation for GNOME, you can read them here.

denttwitOn the third day of the conference I added an “Empathy documentation sprint”, I hope to have the chance to speed up a little bit the writing of the documentation for Empathy with the precious help of some professional doc-writers, since I would really like to have a 100% features-full documentation for the 2.28 release (there is also the possibility to have Empathy in Ubuntu for the next release).

I’m thinking also about adding a “Gwibber documentation sprint”: gwibber rocks, and if you dent (or twit) a lot you should try it. Right now gwibber doesn’t ship with documentation and since even this one has great chances to get included in Ubuntu for a full-social-web experience, I think it needs some love.

Now it’s time to take the cab. Again: thank you all UDS guys & girls, you really rock!

3 commenti
  1. Peteris Krisjanis ha detto:

    Gwibber really rocks, nice app for Twitting/Denting! Hint for Jaunty users – they are located on Launchpad, get to their page and get their stable PPA added to your Software Sources. Version included in Jaunty is rather unstable one and will give unpleasant impression.

  2. Great hanging with you at UDS! Looks like you have lots of work coming up. Good luck!

    • Milo ha detto:

      It has been great to be there with you! Had really a wonderful time! Already missing all the great people who were there!

      Yeah, lots of work coming up, but it’s for Ubuntu, GNOME and free software! We rock!


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