Well, in 7 hours it will be WOSCON Day 3, but I couldn’t not blog about today. Today was the unconference day: we discussed of whatever came to our mind.

The day started with Shaun (finally) presenting Mallard to the public, the new markup language for writing topic based documentation that GNOME will use in the future. So, great times ahead for doc writers and for all GNOME documentation! Mallard rocks! Quack!

The day went on talking about translations, mostly related to the translation of documentation and how we can try to make translators happy translating documentation: first of all we need great and updated documentation to enforce a great string freeze GNOME-style here too, and that would be way cool. Second thing is great rocking topic based documentation: it should be a little bit easier for translator to do their fantastic work (obviously we need xml2po to work with Mallard, but we know somebody will take a look at it).

Other talks of the day have been on FLOSS Manuals and what they are doing: writing a complete book from 0 in 5 days. Amazing.

Last talk of the day was on certification programme creation: a wonderful talk to get into this (for me) new topic. There’s a lot of potential for open source here, really. It’s something that need to be followed.

It has been a great day. We also went to a small trip just outside Owen Sound to a waterfall. Great place in the woods, a relaxing moment away from computer screens.

The night has been total fun! Total! No words describing all the laughs we had, you can check out the #woscon09 tag on identi.ca or twitter to get an idea… 🙂



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