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We’ve seen it from the inside, and we’ve seen it from the outside, in which other way can we see it? From the user way.

Since we are going to rewrite almost everything from scratch with a new way of thinking documentation, we need users help. We need you out there.

You, user of our beloved desktop and applications could be part of this process. Well, actually you should be part of this process.

We want to produce the best documentation “evar“, and to do that we need to know all the problems you encounter, all the actions and all the tasks you do with the desktop and the applications. Here we will focus on one single application: Empathy.

If you are not a user of Empathy, that would be great too. You have a fresh mind and you are not used to it, you will probably have a different point of view over regular users and could see things in a different way, with a different eye. We need you too.

What we would like to achieve with this is to gather as much information as we can about what you do with Empathy and what you would like to do with Empathy but don’t know how, what is easy and what is not. This will help us write a better documentation and maybe also address some of the problem with the developers. Who knows!

How can you do this?

First of all, install Empathy (it should be not that difficult: look for a package named empathy from your Linux distribution, if it’s not installed by default).

Then, start using it, play a little bit with Empathy and think of all the things you would do, but don’t know how to do, or all the things you don’t find clear in the graphical interface: incomprehensible words, whatever… (for this, please try to use the English version of the program: if you find words that are incomprehensible in your language, that’s more likely to be a translation problem, even if it could be related to the English word being incomprehensible even to translators; but please, report the English ones).

When you feel comfortable, spend some minutes completing this little study, just a single click away: GNOME Documentation Project – Empathy Users Study.

It’s not a professional survey/study, we are trying to do our best. As somebody said at WOSCON, “help [us], to help you” cit. If you even would like to do this survey in your own language, tell me, I’ll share the Google doc with you, but you have to provide English translation of the final results.

This little survey will be open for two weeks: it will close on July 7th. Spread the voice!

PS: Tomorrow at 7pm UTC on IRC (#docs in GNIMPnet) there’s a Q&A session with the GNOME docs guys. Stop by and say hello!

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  1. If someone could *please* tell me how to get the Facebook plugin and GTalk working that would be great. In short, works with pidgin, not with empathy. Yes, I’ve done my Googling, followed instructions, and still…

    (note: running Jaunty w/ the empathy ppa)

    I *want* to spend some time digging around and figuring it out, but there just aren’t enough hours in the day (when you consider that I have no problems with pidgin – after having done the Googling and getting the facebook plugin working).

    Aside from that, the benefits of Empathy outweigh the costs (I don’t *need* to have those things working).


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