Life… Oh Life…

No, I haven’t been living under a rock in the past months, it’s just that life came knock-knocking at my door and I’m happy with it! 🙂

Things to take care of, new things to do, new adventures in front of me! I will probably be somewhat offline or less present for still a while: I’m moving out of Italy, living with my girlfriend, starting a new job, learning a new language! A little bit scared, but excited nonetheless!

We’ll be living in France (well… she’s already there since this week, I’ll reach her at the end of May) in Antibes, a very cute city between Nice and Cannes in the Cote d’Azur region! Next to the sea! Closer to it than where I’m living right now!

I will be working for INRIA in Sophia-Antipolis on a two years contract: the project is very interesting and exciting, and everything runs on Ubuntu! I couldn’t ask for more! 🙂 It’s an European project that will be open-sourced (don’t know yet if under a GPL or an Apache license). They are building a P2P kind of social platform, using pretty cool technologies, and I’m looking forward to start working on it!

It’s is a little bit scaring leaving the place you grow up, your family, my little niece, your friends, your work, and start a new adventure also in such a short time (I found the job two weeks ago!), not knowing the language spoken there (I’m starting to study it, but luckily where I’ll be working they speak English!). Even if it’s not that far away from Italy, it’s a totally unknown place to me: new habits, a new culture to discover, new places and cities to visit… a new life to build!

It gives you strange sensations and feelings… a mixture of excitement, fear, and curiosity, something that you are eager to do, eager to start… something to you look at in some sort of awe, but you so want to start it that the happiness of all of this is overwhelming! It gives you excitement, and adrenaline that you can’t even sleep at night, thinking about things to do, things to buy, stuff to move; thinking about the new job, the new house, the new life…

I will need a little bit of time to settle down as soon as I reach my new place, but i will be back, more excited than ever! 🙂

PS: any Gnome/Ubuntu users from Antibes? Wouldn’t mind having a beer or two sometimes! 😉

PPS: know any French teacher in Antibes or a cool place where to learn French? Apart for practicing it as much as you can by yourself with the local people 🙂

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  2. Milo ha detto:

    @Daniel: thanks!
    @Vincent: thank you too! And next I might be able to say your name with a French accent! 😉

  3. Hi Milo,

    congrats and welcome in France.

    I’m working in Sophia Antipolis, so if you need help or something, don’t hesitate to ping me (I guess I should be in your gmail contacts, as I see you online in my contacts).

    Good luck

    • Milo ha detto:

      Thank you Baptiste!
      Yes, you are in my gmail contacts list, might bother you sometimes with French related questions! 😉

      Hope to see you in Sophia-Antipolis!


  4. Dave Neary ha detto:

    Ciao Milo,

    Linux Azur is an Antibes based LUG you might want to get in contact with: – all their activities are in French. A good way to learn the language! Vero Fritière is the president, and she’s pretty cool. Say hello to her from me 🙂

    Enjoy the sun, sea, sand & stars of the Cote d’Azur!


    • Milo ha detto:

      Thanks Dave! Will definitely get in touch with them! 🙂


      • Dave is true, Vero is very friendly. You can ask her help (and say you know me), I’m sure you’ll find help.

  5. Xav ha detto:

    Once you’re settled there, go to Gourdon (visit it with your wife, it’s pretty even if a bit too artificial) and try paragliding, it’s a nice spot to enjoy it !

  6. Congrats Milo!
    I hope I’ll have the same courage to leave my family, friends, dogs in the future (I’m not at my hometown anymore but I live at 1:30/2:00h away from it..).
    So..I envy you 🙂
    Good luck!

  7. Moray ha detto:

    INRIA should normally arrange and pay for French classes, though you might need to push the administrators if you want them to start soon after you arrive.


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