It has been a busy period, getting ready for various things, and various travels.

Right now I’m writing this post from the Ubuntu-it meeting in Bologna, with a great amount of people from the Italian community. Interesting talks and ideas are coming out from this day, discussion also about the role that our community is playing and what are our bonds with Canonical and the overall international community.

After returning to France, I will be at the fOSSa 2011 Conference, in Lyon (France), with Silvia Bindelli, where we have been invited to talk about our role in leading and managing part of the Italian community. It is an interesting opportunity and conference, also because I’ve never really gave a public talk with slides and everything in English. I’m really looking forward to traveling to Lyon and spending a couple of days there.

After this, I will be leaving for the USA to attend, thanks to Canonical for the sponsorship, UDS-P where as usual there will be a lot of interesting tracks. I do not have yet a schedule for myself, but I know it will be packed, and I will be running from room to room (this year I would also like to follow virtualization and server tracks).

Looking forward to meeting Ubuntu/GNOME people in Lyon and to leave for UDS!


UDS is (almost) over and what a week has it been! Wonderful!

Lots of good sessions, talks, news and previews and people! Today we had a lot of translations related sessions and we decided to take a picture with all the translation-really-involved people that there here.

So, here we are:

Launchpad/Ubuntu TranslatorsFrom left to right:

  • Me
  • Jeroen Vermeulen
  • David Planella
  • Adi Roiban
  • Henning Eggers
  • Kyle Nitzsche (OEM team with an eye on translations)
  • Arne Goetje
  • Danilo Segan

(For a bigger picture, when I get back home I’ll send you)

Oggi inizia il terzo giorno dell’UDS, siamo ancora in albergo mezzi assonnati: qui si dorme sempre di meno e si beve sempre di più… è un inferno! 🙂

Ieri giornata intensa: un sacco di talk sulle traduzioni con un ottima sessione di QA con tutto il team di sviluppo di Launchpad Translations: gli abbiamo fatto una serie di richieste/domande e ci hanno detto quanto fattibili possono essere e anche in quanto tempo potrebbero realizzarle. Alcune sperano possano essere realizzate dalla comunità quando Launchpad verrà rilasciato open source (manca ancora poco!), altre ci vorrà un po’ di più. Alcune anteprime che si vedranno tra non molto, forse anche meno di un mese, come una nuova interfaccia per “la gestione” del lavoro di traduzione su Launchpad: una specie di workflow migliorato (specie eh, non ho detto una gestione completa del workflow). Interessante sessione anche sulle traduzioni di UNR e sugli sviluppi futuri dei temi per Ubuntu.

Oggi interessanti sessione su GDM, Ubuntu One, le traduzioni di Kubuntu e Moblin. Un’altra giornata intensa all’orizzonte…

Second day of UDS gone, and what a day. The schedule is very tight and there are some tracks that unfortunately overlaps, so it’s not always possible to be part of everything that really interests you.

Started this morning with the LoCo Directory session where they showed us the almost-soon-to-be-released LoCo Directory, a central place with all LoCo teams links and information that will replace the huge and unmaintanable wiki page that we have now. A great work done by Daniel, Richard and Christophe.

Then on with the translations tracks, really cool ones. Met David Planella and the other guys from the Launchpad Translations development team that I have never met before (Henning and Jerome). Great sessions about how to improve our internal information exchange, great QA session with all the Launchpad devs, great talk on the UNR translation handling with Kyle.

Now head out for some tapas at Barceloneta!

OK, first things first:

Tomorrow, Saturday the 20th @ 15:00 (Italian time), Fabio Marzocca will be hosted on RomaUno, a Rome (Italy) local TV channel (not so local as it’s broadcasted via Sky), for a 30 minutes interview about Ubuntu and the Italian community! Thank you RomaUno for the great opportunity! And to Fabio: LET US ROCK!!!

Second… almost a week passed since the end of the UDS (spent reorganizing all my photos), my first UDS: wow! Great place, great talks, absolutely great people and great beer!

I’ve been following almost the community and the translations tracks, Adi has been kind enough to blog about what we’ve talked regarding translations and what we’ll be working on in that front! 🙂

And… well, that’s it…

Si inizia… talk di apertura di Jono e Mark: Jono è veramente un gran comunicatore.

Primo talk che seguo: Building Community Directory. Da quel che ha accennato Jono si tratta di creare una sorta di censimento di tutti i LoCo team… maggior dettagli a seguire.

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